There is nothing that embellishes more a home than the perfect tree. El Paso Tree Removal offer you a great variety of Tree Services in EL Paso, and we will help you choose the right tree for your property. We are experts in pruning, planting, and maintenance of trees.

Trees of different sizes and shapes can be used to create the basis of our landscaping design.

El Paso Tree Service offers a variety of services for your trees. We can perform cleaning and training pruning. Pruning your trees gives you security, promotes the health of your tree and embellishes it. But improper pruning can weaken the plant and cause extensive damage to its trees.

In fact, we have expert arborists; and we understand the importance of a tree in your garden. We have the skills and equipment to prune your trees, ensuring their appearance, health, and safety.

The trees are of incalculable value to our environment. The trees provide us with a better quality of oxygen, lower the temperature, give us shade, privacy, reduce noise, are barriers against the wind. In addition, its deep roots help us avoid soil erosion.

In addition to all the design work and physical work of building a garden, there is a lot of permission to deal with. We at El Paso Tree Service help you with this aspect. We work any permit or municipal regulation necessary to speed up the construction of your garden.

Our professionals have accredited training in tree trimming, work at height and chainsaw operation. We also carry out clearings of parcels and rural or forestry properties, create security perimeters to avoid possible fires, carry out fumigations and eliminate processionary. Consult us and ask for a budget without obligation.